CMlive improves your experience by giving you access to vital information about your orders, IT assets, and a new way to communicate with us. It's your one-stop shop for all of your communications with us.

Built by us, for you

With our CMLive interface, you can check the status of your system at any time and from anywhere. You may get proactive, transparent support through our companion site, which avoids difficulties from becoming problems in the first place.

Lifecycle Management and Renewals

You will have access to an automated, full asset lifecycle management platform when you transact with us. Asset management is crucial, so let us take care of it for you. If your company has a lot of assets, you should get rid of your spreadsheets.Keep track of all of your software and hardware maintenance renewals in one convenient location. With our Renewal management tool, you'll never miss a renewal date again.

System Health

System health is a proactive assistance agent that detects critical faults and alerts you when they occur. Our customer support staff monitors System Health, which provides a consolidated view of what's going on with your systems. System health is like having an extra pair of eyes on your infrastructure for free!

Order Tracking

Every waking moment, keep track of your orders and tasks. So you can meet those strict schedules, our system sends you automated updates on when and where your delivery is due.

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