Software Solutions

Our team collaborates closely with clients to produce simple yet efficient software solutions that aid in the development of secure and dependable company operations.

Hosted DR

Do you require a backup solution that offers more than just an offline backup? Our DR hosting solution undergoes frequent testing and verification to ensure that it is DR-ready. Use our pooled Truis resources to protect your data using software that doesn't require a large upfront investment in a specialised disaster recovery solution.

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. Do you require assistance in switching to Microsoft Office 365? We're here to assist you. Use our team of Microsoft experts to help you manage your Office 365 solution and ease the transfer process.

Cloud Storage for Backup

Any business, regardless of size or scope, requires a reliable backup solution to ensure its security. Our cloud storage solution eliminates the need for tapes. With versatile solutions that can cater to all data retention policies, we can help you simplify your backup plan.

Licensing and renewals

With our custom-built solution for tracking expiries and licences, we can assist you in managing your software subscriptions and renewals. CMLive gives you complete control over your account and includes a budgeting tool to assist you in estimating your business spending.

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